Places London Escorts love to visit during a date

Places London Escorts love to visit during a date

One of the questions we get asked the most by our clients when hiring one of our girls is, where can we take them once we have confirmed the date? And although none of our girls at Theory Love Escorts are tricky and will accompany you wherever you want to take them, of course they have their preferences or certain places more pleasant than others, so today we will give you a brief summary of what are these places for which you can opt if you still do not have a clear idea of what you want to do. Take out paper and pencil and above all, choose the girl you want to take with you on our website.

Luxurious Dinner

A classic dinner will never fail if you want to make someone fall in love, definitely the conversation that can arise from a time spent waiting for a delicious meal can be the beginning of a hot night full of surprises.

What escorts like most on these occasions is to dress to impress you and win your heart and affection through their intelligent and charismatic conversation, because these girls go beyond just a pretty face, they have a way of conversing and smiling that can appeal to any heart and is a great preview to the final event of the night when you take her to your room and remove everything she has on her.

Bars and Pubs

Some of our girls like to have a lot more fun and an adrenaline-filled night out before taking you to the final event, so if you are more outgoing and like to dance you can opt for a disco or pub with a good atmosphere, enough for you to chat while you dance.

Our girls will probably be the center of attraction with their presence and great body, but they will only have eyes for you.


If you are more of a day person and want to have a delicious dessert with one of our girls after a good coffee, you can opt for a small cafe, maybe themed, but comfortable enough for both of you to be able to be quiet having conversations about your interests. Most of these girls are studious or experts in some area, so you can talk and chat without having to be empty. And looking at them in the daylight is just as charming and provocative as looking at them at night. But after all, you choose how much time you spend with them.

Your home

Believe it or not, many of these girls love to come see you directly at your home as it is much more natural and they can spend hours and hours having fun, so if you want to opt for this, have no fear, they will be more than happy to oblige you in everything you want.

Wherever you want to take them, be sure to treat them with respect and be dirty in bed, the desires of these girls are only to please you, do not deny yourself the pleasure and let yourself go.

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