Surprising Facts That Make Toronto Escort Service Unique

Escort services have tremendously grown popular around the world, so much that we even have a type of tourism named for it – sex tourism. Laws regarding this profession greatly vary from country to country depending on the local culture and mindsets. However, services continue to operate in numerous hotspots of the world. The advent of the internet has added to the ease of finding an escort service. You can find gorgeous girls in several locations through various means. But when you are in Toronto, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience! What makes the Toronto Escort Service unique?

Encouraging facts about Toronto escort services

  • Here is a promising statistic to kick start our list. According to a study, 89 per cent of sex workers here are born in Canada. It means that they are into the profession by choice; unlike some parts of the world where girls are trafficked/coerced into the sex market. When you get an escort who has chosen to provide the service, can you get any luckier?!
  • Sex workers in Toronto are ambitious, independent women. Services here maintain high standards of professionalism, and thus you will not easily find the women’s faces or contact details on online platforms.
  • You will know that the girls are not being exploited when you see that the service does not encourage price negotiations. You get everything the service promises you. Thus, there is no room for negotiation.
  • Several women do this do independently as well. You can either have them at your place or travel to their home.
  • 97% of sex workers have been tested for HIV/AIDS. Most of the sex workers here are aware of and practice safe sex. Therefore, you can fully enjoy those moments without worrying about catching the dreaded STDs.
  • Right from choosing your escort, the venue to your desired outfit, services here have friendly receptionists to help you decide.

Your responsibility as a sex buyer

Sex as a service is a bit different from other services. Yes, you are out there to seek pleasure. And you have all the rights to do so (as long as it is permitted by the law). But the willingness of the other party to provide sex is also equally important. In several places, brothels run by greedy owners have underage girls trafficked across international borders. Unfortunately, most of these girls are not even aware of what is expected of them.

The uniqueness of the Toronto escort service

If you happen to choose a sex worker who inadvertently into the profession, you cannot live your fantasies. Even worse, you may end up feeling guilty for having supported an illegal human trafficking network.

Here is where the uniqueness of escort services in Toronto comes into the picture. The girls here are well-aware of what they are doing as they have themselves chosen the profession. Some Toronto girls even claim that the job makes them feel empowered. Thus, you get the best service for what you pay. You are essentially helping someone make both the ends meet while getting quality service as per your needs. The cherry on the cake is, you get amind-blowing, guilt-free experience.